Military Medal (Luxembourg)

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Military Medal
Luxembourg Militay Medal obv.jpgLuxembourg Militay Medal rev.jpg
Obverse and reverse of the Military Medal
Awarded by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg
TypeMilitary decoration
EligibilityLuxembourgers and foreigners
Awarded forExceptionally distinguished military achievement
Established30 October 1945
Next (higher)Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Next (lower)Gold Cross of Honour and Military Merit[1]
LUX Military Medal ribbon.PNG
Ribbon bar of the medal

The Military Medal (French: Médaille militaire German: Militärmedaille) is the highest military decoration of Luxembourg. Established on 30 October 1945[2] by Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, at the suggestion of then Prince Jean, it can be awarded for outstanding achievements and extraordinary deeds to all military personnel, without distinction of rank.


The medal is a bronze circular disc. The obverse depicts the left facing profile of Grand Duchess Charlotte. Around the edge is the inscription Charlotte Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (Charlotte Grande-Duchesse de Luxembourg). The reverse depicts the Lesser coat of arms of Luxembourg. To the left of the arms is 19 and to the right 40.[3]



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