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A view of The Midnight Mission.

The Midnight Mission is a human services organization in downtown Los Angeles' skid row. The organization provides basic subsistence to the region's needy, drug and alcohol recovery services, "safe sleep" programs, educational training, a mobile kitchen, and family housing with an emphasis on developing self-sufficiency.


The Midnight Mission was founded by businessman and lay minister Tom Liddecoat in 1914. Meals were served at midnight, after church services. The mission became an incorporated non-profit in 1922. During World War II, the mission began assisting with job placement and established job training programs.

In 2004, a campaign called Building a Home for Hope raised funds for an expanded facility, opened in April 2005.

In 2005, the shelter served three meals to approximately 170 residents and 500 guests each day. The shelter continues to emphasize their role as a "bridge to self-sufficiency," making this the first bullet point in their mission statement. The mission is not associated with a religious group.


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